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....... A student who completes his education at the College will be intellectually equipped, culturally open, spiritually enriched and socially perfect. In order to achieve the goals aimed at by education, together with academic studies, opportunities must be provided for co-curricular and co- mural activities, for they play a big role in the process of all round development of the students. This helps them to see the realities in a larger and better perspective. Thus reasoning becomes more logical and judgements correct. Today we are living in an age of information in which new fields of scientific and social development are open, new challenges in all the aspects of human existence appear. students should be prepared to face existential situations with courage, self-confidence and with a sense of adventure. Life so faced gives one a thrill and a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

LEARNING AT Shri Shiv Baba Mahavidyalaya

         You will learn how to think, not what to think. You will learn to express yourself with confidence and clarity in speech and writing. You will be encouraged to express your ideas openly in classroom discussions, global affairs, and other venues. Your learning experience will combine breadth with depth. You will be encouraged to challenge ideas and to think creatively.


         Service to others is an integral part of the Shri Shiv Baba Mahavidyalaya experience. Both action and creation play an important part in students' lives.

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